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Local Guelph SEO Services

Based in Guelph, Ontario, Bailey Creative is a leading Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provider. We have experienced so much success that we are now pleased to offer qualified Guelph clients an incentive based remuneration schedule.

How Our Guelph SEO Plan Works

Typically we work with the client to determine effective and competitive SEO terms. We then research these terms to determine how competitive they are, and how much work it will take our firm to obtain and maintain a top 10 Google ranking.

For example, Maxxam Analytics, one of our local Guelph clients, asked us to achieve a top ranking, Canada-wide, for 'paternity test,' for their site We agreed to a payment schedule that included a monthly base rate for achieving a top ten result, with additional bonuses for top five, top three, and top position. If we fail to achieve a top ten spot on any given month, we are not paid for our SEO work that month. If you would like to see how our SEO work for Maxxam worked out, try typing 'paternity test' in the Google search box here:


Please note that we also provide Guelph businesses with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) SEO services, but that our organic result packages are typically only a third of the cost of a typical PPC campaign. We invite you to contact us to determine whether we might be a good fit for your Guelph and area SEO marketing requirements.