Everyone uses their phone for searches and business.

Make sure your website and business is geared for the Mobile user

Take a look around the next time you’re out in public and see how many people are using their mobile phones. Now think about how many times you’ve used your phone to access a website or a Mobile App.

You get where we’re going… And we work to get your mobile presence going with our Mobile App Development and Mobile Web Development. At Bailey Creative, we develop websites that look great on desktops and still look great and have functionality on mobile displays.

How We Do It

We also develop Mobile Applications to extend business reach to the app stores on mobile phones. When businesses have Apps for users to download, it makes the experience more personal and more accessible than a website alone.

When you consider that consumers spend 85% of their time on their mobile phones, you could be missing out on business! Get your business into the hands of consumers and see the results. Developing an App that has a call to action, ways to order products, and ways to search for information is what your audience wants. A convenience for them is a business boost for you.

Of course, all mobile websites and mobile apps need the right look and sound

At Bailey Creative, we help you with Graphic Design and Video as well as website copy. If your mobile website and app could use a digital facelift, please check out our Graphic Design and Video services and our Copywriting, Social Media and Branding services.

Stonegate Dental Mobile Redesign

Mobile friendly, responsive website design in 2015 using Drupal 7 for Guelph Dentist Dr Nancy Wat at Stonegate Dental.

Mobile Friendly SEO Tips For Your Website

Being mobile friendly means you also need to have good mobile SEO practices. Here, we’re sharing tips to help improve your mobile SEO.

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