Project Name: Empire Roofing & Exteriors

Services: Graphics & Web Design, SEO, Branding

From Worrying About Leads to Worrying About Managing Them All

Located in Guelph, Empire Roofing & Exteriors is an established family owned and operated business with over 12 years of roofing experience. The Bailey Creative team was able to help Empire Roofing not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic but also actually grow throughout it. We were able to implement various features to enhance site engagement and generate new leads for this company. We were in constant communication with Empire Roofing and helped their business grow through pay-per-click advertising, the creation of new and improved landing pages, reformatted website pages, a new online quote form, a new live chat function, and more. We knew how important these projects were for this client, so were able to spend numerous hours installing all of these new features to ensure their success. In fact, this client asked us to scale back our marketing efforts because they had so many new leads coming in. Empire Roofing went from being worried about COVID-19 hurting their business to figuring out how to manage all their new leads. Thanks to our digital marketing assistance, Empire Roofing & Exterior have a website full of incentivising features that have allowed them to grow and thrive.

Testimonial: Kenny Head, Owner of Empire Roofing & Exteriors

I am very grateful to have Bailey Creative’s help during this time. Whenever we have questions or concerns, Bailey Creative is always there to discuss new ideas and help solve any problems. The Bailey Creative team was awesome with helping us implement a ton of new website features and advertisements that resulted in more leads than we have ever had. Especially during a global crisis, having this many leads is amazing and really eased any worries I had. I cannot recommend Bailey Creative enough to any business looking to grow their online capabilities and reach more consumers.