Originally founded in 1999, Bailey Creative has emerged as one of the area’s top website and application development companies, having designed and developed hundreds of projects for organizations of all types and sizes.

Digital Marketing Solutions that Work for You.

We strive to deliver the skills and expertise needed for success in today’s digital world. From social media management to search engine optimization and everything in between, our team can help your brand develop a successful digital marketing strategy. Check out the list of our services below and don’t hesitate to call to arrange your free discovery session or request a proposal.

SEO Services at Bailey Creative
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is continuing to be recognized as one of the highest value marketing channels for most businesses. Successful SEO work brings potential buyers directly to your product experience, typically for a much higher return on investment than other marketing work. And with more businesses recognizing the value of SEO, it has become the fastest-growing portion of our digital marketing services.
Mobile Development at Bailey Creative
App Design and Development
With mobile Google searches surpassing desktop searches in recent years, you want to be sure the experience your mobile web visitors receive reflects that of your desktop website. This requires more work than merely making the format of your website smaller. Mobile sites must be significantly different in order to maximize user experience through an interface uniquely different than desktop.
Graphic Design at Bailey Creative
Graphic Design and Video Marketing Promotion
Great graphic design combines a flair for creativity with a deep understanding of a client’s goals, brand, and expectations. We'll work with you step-by-step through a carefully prepared and budgeted process to ensure we meet your expectations and maximize your value.
Web Development at Bailey Creative
Web Design and Development
Our approach to web development is based on relationship building. We like to get to know you and your organization so that we confidently build a solution that represents your brand online. To do this, we work collaboratively with you to determine how to create leads best, sell products, support sales teams and/or communicate with stakeholders— all while keeping business continuity a priority. We believe our focus on client relationships is the reason for our satisfied clients and constant success.
Copyright and Marketing Services at Bailey Creative
Copywriting, Social Media Brand Development
Brand development takes years of quality service, marketing, and perseverance to start realizing. Our experience in both online and traditional brand development provides a one-stop opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to begin or advance their brand development across new and existing marketing channels. We do this by analyzing your current practices and brand awareness and then develop goals for your brand. Our goal is to tell your story, just as you envision it.

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