Basic SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Search Result Ranking

Discover How To Improve Your Google Search Result Rankings With Basic SEO Tips

At Bailey Creative, we work to get our clients’ websites ranking well on Google using smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. As the world’s largest search engine, Google is the site people go to when finding places to eat. It’s the site they go on to find product names. And oftentimes, it’s the site people use when finding a business or service to meet their needs.

Google has (for the most part) replaced traditional marketing. You no longer need to have an ad listed in the yellow pages or in your local newspaper to have people respond. Nor do you have to be a door-to-door marketer to get the word out about your company or business.

How Social Media Grows Your Business—For Free!

In our previous post, we talked you through the steps you need to take to deal with negative reviews on Google. The major takeaway tips from last week is that you should:

  1. Always take the time to reply to negative reviews and monitor the reviews coming in—you never know who else is looking at these before they contact you
  2. Reach out to reviewers to see how the situation can be improved
  3. Have more positive than negative reviews that saturate your Google Reviews

But what we haven’t covered is how reviews, comments, visibility and interactions via social media can affect your business in a positive way, building your connections and growing your image—all for free!

What Can Social Media Do For My Business?

Social media has grown immensely and changes the way that businesses reach their potential clients while cultivating a brand image. Social media reaches the masses in ways that traditional marketing tactics does not always achieve, making businesses more visible on a larger platform than ever before.

Understanding the Most Common Website Errors and Redirects

Have you ever gone on a website, clicked on a link and got hit with an error? What’s worse is that there’s numbers with the error. What’s a 301 Redirect? What’s a 404 Error? Who created these Errors?

Seeing an Error on your computer screen can be unsettling, especially if you have no idea what the numbers next to the error mean.

What are Error Numbers and Server Responses?

When you go on a website page and the result pulls up an error, the number added to the error tells you a bit about what’s going on in the back-end of that website—meaning the developer’s work. Developers create pages that will open upon a request to a server, and are classified using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Response) Status Codes. HTTP Status Codes tells the user about 5 basic responses from a server.

Tips on Dealing With Negative Reviews and Low Ratings

Last week, we talked about the Importance of Reviews on Search Engines, especially the reviews left on Google. But what didn’t tackle in our previous post, is the importance of responding to reviews or managing your reviews.

Why Does It Matter What My Reviews Are Like?

Aside from building your SEO, reviews are what get people looking at your business and serve as a Key Performance Indicator.

If you were to type the name of any local business on Google, you’ll likely find that they have been rated by Google users that have either been to the business or have used its service. What you’ll notice is a star-rating system and a cluster of comments on the company.