Instagram Best Practices for Small Businesses

September 19, 2022 Mei 0 Comments

Did you know that there are currently over 18 million Instagram users in Canada and that the 25 – 34 age bracket accounts for 29.2% of all users? Despite having a huge audience and being a powerful tool for engagement, most Canadian businesses do not have the experience or expertise to excel with social media marketing. Social media is more than just posting content online; it’s an opportunity to tell your story, connect with your audience, and grow your online community. So, follow along with this month’s blog to learn about Instagram best practices that will help your small business grow its digital brand presence!

1) Advantages of Instagram Business Accounts

In addition to giving your profile a more professional appearance, business accounts also give you access to many useful features that are not accessible through personal accounts. For instance, a business account provides users access to:

  • Analytics such as post-performance, follower activity, and audience insights
  • Instagram ads and promoted posts
  • Scheduled posting through third-party tools
  • The ability to create a storefront, tag products, and add links to stories

These features make it easier for businesses to tell their story, engage their audience, and grow their community.

2) Establish Your Brand Identity

It’s likely that other brands may offer similar products or services to yours, so it’s important to differentiate your business by establishing a strong and memorable brand identity that connects with your target consumers. Each visual, message, and tone of voice presented on your brand’s Instagram channel should be consistent with the overall story you wish to tell. Following a specific style guide is a good way to ensure your brand image is consistent and memorable. This includes your logo, font, branding colours, and essentially any element that goes along with your visual identity.

3) Create Authentic, High Quality Content

No business wants to have an ingenuine connection with their audience, and when people see content that is low-quality, they are less likely to engage. Make sure your content adds value to your audience by creating meaningful, high-quality posts. For example, create content that gives your audience:

  • A behind-the-scenes of your business
  • A before-and-after result of your product/service
  • User-generated content and testimonials
  • Responses to frequently asked questions

4) Use Hashtags to Boost Visibility

Using hashtags that are relevant to both your post and your target audience is a simple yet effective way to expand your reach and boost your visibility. Instagram allows businesses to use up to thirty hashtags on each post, and through post insights, you can monitor the number of impressions that come from each hashtag. Quick tip – selecting hashtags that are relevant to your audience but less frequently used will increase the likelihood of your content being seen, and branded hashtags will encourage consumers to post user-generated content.

5) Incorporate Reels Into Your Feed

Instagram Reels are another great way to increase the engagement and visibility of your content. These short videos allow you to show your brand’s personality and reach new consumers through integrated songs, hashtags, or effects. Try to capture your audience’s attention in the first 7 seconds and engage them by making your Reels fun, informative, and entertaining!

6) Make the Most of Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are another low-cost advertising method that can engage and grow your audience. For example, a contest or giveaway can encourage consumers to follow your account, tag their friends, and share your content. This helps to grow a community of people that are organically advertising your brand for you. But of course, make sure you offer a prize that is valuable to your target audience! Pro tip – show appreciation for your community by hosting a giveaway when you reach a new milestone such as hitting 1000 followers.

7) Community Management

No business wants to grow a one-sided connection. Check your notifications, reply to comments and DM’s, and encourage your community to engage with your posts. The more you engage with your Instagram community, the stronger and more loyal they will be!

We’re Here to Help!

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