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Late last year, we shared a blog article defining six very common digital marketing terms (click here to check it out now). And while these terms are incredibly common in our day-to-day routine,

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Social media is no longer a new, foreign territory— nowadays, you’ll find that almost all successful brands have a strategic, up-to-date social media presence. And yet, many brand owners and marketers still question

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Digital marketing, like every industry, has its own unique language. A collection of words, phrases and abbreviations that seem to confuse more people than they help. And as an expert in <insert your

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It’s no secret that every brand needs to be on social media these days— whether it’s a fully-active Instagram profile publishing content regularly or something as simple as a Facebook location for people

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I remember how happy I was when I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus back in the Fall of 2014.  Everyone was asking me how I could possibly lug this mini-tablet of a phone