Graphics and Video are the way to capture your audience and bring them into your business.

Video Marketing Promotion and
Graphic Design in Guelph

At Bailey Creative we create graphics and video that establish your business and give you the attention you deserve.If copy and user friendliness are the base of any site, think of Graphic Design as the icing on the cake. Graphics are a way not only to boost your brand identity, but also helps users navigate your information and make things easier to understand.

At Bailey Creative, we approach graphic design with a professional and user-friendly experience in mind. Graphic Design is not limited to the graphics on your website. Graphic Design can be used for logos, banners, social media posts, and printed internal or marketing materials.

How We Do It

Want to expand on this? Then let us introduce your business to the power of video. Did you know that people prefer videos for quick information and entertainment? In fact, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) predicts that majority of Facebook feeds will be video based in 2018.

Creating a Video That Has All The Right Elements of Graphic Design Paired With Quick Facts, Retains Viewers and Compels Them To Take Action.

At Bailey Creative, we offer video marketing and promotion services that include the use of 3D graphic rendering—making images pop on the screen. Adding both Graphics and Video to any website, Mobile developments, or pieces of copy, will increase engagement and encourage searchers to look at what your business has to offer. Take a look to see how our Mobile Design and Development efforts and Copywriting and Social Media can help show off your business’ Graphics and Videos.

Stonegate Dental Mobile Redesign

Mobile friendly, responsive website design in 2015 using Drupal 7 for Guelph Dentist Dr Nancy Wat at Stonegate Dental.

Graphics Designer

Graphic Design job in Guelph. Develop professional high-impact creative for digital marketing purposes.

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