SEO Primer

Why SEO? SEO typically enjoys among the lowest cost per conversion when compared to traditional forms of advertising. Most traditional forms of advertising require that you pay for all of the eyeballs you will be exposed to. With SEO, you are narrowing your audience and paying to expose your products and services to those much smaller targeted demographics. Organic SEO (see below) is the lowest cost per conversion form of advertising that we are aware of. Organic vs. Sponsored Search Results

Organic results are what we typically think of as the ‘authentic’ search results. You cannot bid on them. Instead, organic results are achieved by matching the user’s search terms with site content.

Sponsored Links are paid for through Pay-Per-Click campaigns (also known as “PPC”). Simply put, organizations bid on keywords relevant to attracting new business. According to the bid price, their ad appears in the sponsored link areas when the search terms are engaged by a user. For Google, sponsored ads typically appear on the top and right hand sides of the organic results, and will labelled with shading and/or the words ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored’.

Why Google?

We optimize exclusively for Google. The reason is that, as of July 2013, search engine market share in Canada was the following:

Although we focus exclusively on Google, the work we do achieves success on other search engines as well. Thus, ‘paternity test Canada’, for example, shows top 3 in both Bing and Yahoo, although we optimized the term exclusively for Google.


Retargeting allows organizations to recapture visitors after they have left your site. Google stores information on a user’s visit, and will display an advertisement for your site within a couple weeks times from that original visit. This advertisement may be present on Google itself, or on one of Google’s affiliate sites. This is a powerful way to remain engaged with your targeted audience, who may not otherwise revisit your site. Retargeting requires a fixed monthly budget, that should be carefully monitored and adjusted regularly until accurate ROI is established.


Site statistics are critical to establishing the effectiveness and ROI of any given SEO campaign, and making any appropriate adjustments. We typically use Google Analytics to create monthly reports indicating site traffic volume and origin, right down to the exact keyword(s) entered. This information can then be compared to web sales volume to establish ROI.

Our Process and Success Based Billing System

We initially work with our client to determine which SEO terms would drive the most relevant traffic volume to the client’s website. By determining how competitive these terms are, how much traffic they generate, and how much work it will take our firm to reach and maintain a top 10 Google ranking, we produce a price list based on achieving specific targets. Think of it as an SEO menu. Once the keyterms and projected budget have been established, we get to work. We typically spend several weeks to a few months optimizing the client’s website, and creating high quality inbound links from industry related websites before significant results can be observed. Although in certain cases we will ask for a retainer, we do not charge our clients until our mutually agreed upon targets are reached.

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