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Importance of Reviews for SEO - BLOG

Importance Of Reviews On Search Engines For SEO

If you want people to know about your business/service, how do you plan on getting the word out there? Sure your website will pull in an audience as does traditional and online marketing. But have you considered the value of reviews on search engines?

Reviews on search engines, like Google, help your business rank higher in the search engine, giving your website a boost above the competition and gives your business more value with your audience.

Reviews Make Your Website Stand Out and Improve Your SEO

Have you ever been on Google searching for a business or service and see ones that come up first in the listings with ratings on a star scale and written reviews?

These ratings, reviews and photos help keep your website visible on search engines, and are highly recommended to improve SEO.

How Do I Get Reviews? Why Can’t They Just Be On My Website?

Just as your client reached out to you to use your business/service, you have to reach out to your client in return to get a review or rating.

Most businesses will have a place on their website where clients can leave reviews or testimonials for others to read. This is excellent for your website and boosting your SEO from within the pages of your website, but you may need more to appear in search engines against your competition.

How Do I Appear in Search Engines Like Google?

What do you do if you want the reviews and ratings to appear in search engines instead? For any business or service, always encourage your clients to leave a review on Google, which will improve your visibility.

Having your website listed as a place on Google Maps will give Googlers the ability to see the reviews and ratings, as well as give a review or rating using the “Write A Review” section.

In a follow-up email, phone call or letter, you can suggest that your client leaves a review in the “Write a Review” section of Google Maps for your business. You can even leave a link that goes straight to the page, making it easy for reviewers!

Need Help Getting Started? Trust Your Local SEO Experts

You don’t necessarily have to tell your client that their review boosts your SEO and visibility in search engines. Actually, you want their review for the same reason you would without the internet! First and foremost, you want the reviews so that people know how great your business/service is…but it doesn’t hurt to use the reviews to improve your SEO.

Recently, we’ve been working with our clients to get them the Google Reviews they need and the results have shown a positive improvement.

If you need help getting reviews on your business/service, Bailey Creative can help you! We’ve come up with methods that will get you valuable reviews on Google. We’ll also help you learn to manage the reviews and provide additional SEO support when you need it.