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Mobile Friendly SEO Tips From Bailey Creative

As we discussed in our previous post, being a mobile friendly website has its perks. More readers, more sales, more engagement. What more could you want?

…Well, do you want actually want more? Because you can get more using smart SEO practices!

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, involves simple methods of optimizing the content and development aspects of your website, in order to get higher in Google rankings and show up as an early recommendation for Googlers. To get the best out of SEO on your mobile site, first make sure that you are using the right formatting for the device as we discussed in our previous post.

Google’s Robots

Next, you’ll want to allow for Google robots, affectionately known as Googlebots, to access your pages and index them into the search engine. On the website development side of things, make sure you’ve enabled robots to check your pages, otherwise, your pages won’t rank in search engines.

By enabling this feature, ‘bots will be able to read your site’s CSS, Javascript, Images, and Text in order to let the search engine know if your site’s pages are mobile friendly or not, and which pages have updated with new content.

If the Almighty Googlebot does not deem your website mobile friendly, you’ll rank lower in the search engine results and your SEO suffers. Lower rankings, often means less traffic from search engines to your site, so be sure to keep an eye on how your site is ranking!

Loading Your Media

Having optimal loading times and the correct information displayed, helps your site to rank higher in SEO. The three key areas to look at when making your website content SEO friendly include your general media and information, images, and any videos or sound.  While this content may be perfect on a desktop display they may need to be tweaked slightly for mobile purposes.

  • With general media and information, be sure to double check that your pages are loading fast, and the media on your pages are displaying exactly how you want to display the media to viewers.
  • The same idea goes for images. Make sure they are diplaying the size you want them and that their loading time isn’t too long. Also be sure to give the images the good Alternative Text that will display should the image not load correctly for whatever reason, so the audience still gets the information.
  • If you have included videos or sound files into your pages be sure they also work, and let the viewer have access to the audio or video controls.

By having a mobile theme enabled or your website designed for mobile, your content should be automatically resized. If you run into problems, a web developer, like the ones here at Bailey Creative, can help if you optimize your loading time or adjust sizing.

The better your media loads and displays, there is a much smaller chance of having a disinterested or frustrated audience. An audience that stays engaged in your website, has a much smaller chance of leaving your site, keeping your bounce rate low.

A low bounce rate is good for SEO because it means that viewers are staying to read through your information, making you more valuable in search engines!

Benefits of Mobile SEO Done Right

A mobile friendly website means that your audience can view your page no matter where they are. They’ll have the ability to search on their phone instead of leaving it “for later” and perhaps they may even contact you directly from their phone to get more information (especially if you leave a click through phone number or email on your website).

A mobile friendly site with the paired with good SEO will bring your valuable information to the hands of users who may have never had the chance to view your site “later” at a desktop.

Remember, having access to information on the go creates a much more user friendly experience for your potential audience, and with good SEO, you’ll be able to rank higher in searches from mobiles!