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Why Your Website Is Never “Finished”

As technology grows and we delve deeper into the digital age, the opportunity to reach your target audience grows as well.

At Bailey Creative, we know that websites need updates in design, content, and SEO to maintain an audience, reach a new one, and stay atop the rankings.

Update Your Content and Design

Creating a unique look and voice for your site is important. It gives viewers glimpse at your personality, while highlighting your strengths and what you offer. Content updates to stay active in Google searches, updating photos and creating a smooth user experience are just some of the many possibilities for improving your site.

Ranking high in Google searches is critical, giving your customers and potential customers a reason to visit. To maintain and build a ranking this means that you need on-going updates to stay relevant, including smart SEO additions.

To improve your website with SEO, you need to be able to analyze where your website is currently, what is working well for your audience, and create a plan to deliver the results you want to see in the future.

How do you know what is working and what is not in a fast paced digital world? That’s where assessment tools come in.

Getting Help With Assessment Tools (aka Web Analytics)

Websites are not just the finished product you see. In fact, they are much more organic and adaptable with new SEO strategies, web technology and visitor trends.

Web Analytics tell us the number of visitors to your site, what is working well, what can be improved, and how to approach outstanding problems. Using the analytics you can also learn:

  • How long visitors are staying on the website
  • Where your website traffic and your visitors are coming from
  • Your visitor activities on the site and the pages they are looking at
  • Opportunities to expand your business

With these areas of analysis in mind, you can plan ahead for content and SEO that will improve your website. Doing small changes over a period of time will help keep your website relevant to search engines and to your readers.

Analyzing With A Strategy

Analyses are only useful if they are paired with the right strategy. Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as information from Web Analytics and Conversion Rates, help to plan content marketing strategies, branding and social media.

Remember, doing small changes over a period of time will help keep your website relevant to search engines and to your readers.  Also, knowing your audience and finding ways to keep the audiences’ attention is important, especially with all the results that are accessible to anyone with the internet.

To keep your website fresh and relevant in the digital age and to learn more about Web Analytics, Strategies, and Key Performance Indicators, contact the Bailey Creative Team.